International Issues

The Decline of Trump’s America

This brutal, frank analysis of Trump’s performance at the G20 this past week by Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann appeared on my Facebook feed this morning. It is a sad commentary on way the United States is now perceived by the world. There can be no pleasure in the fall from grace of this mighty nation. […]

Saturday Morning Musings

It took a monumental event to bring me out of my blogging wilderness. Brexit is a cautionary tale for all who are concerned about the future of democracy and the role of its citizens.

My Name is Parvana by Deborah Ellis

I was delighted this summer when Groundwood Books offered me an advance copy of Deborah Ellis’s soon-to-be released sequel to the Breadwinner series, My Name is Parvana. Deborah Ellis had spoken at our Librarian’s PD last spring on the day she had just finished her changes and had submitted the book to the publisher. I […]

Take that Canadian Flag off Your Backpack

Under the Harper government Canada’s international reputation has suffered over the last few years. It has reached a critical point when Canada is being called a “villain”  at the Rio Summit.  Commenting on Canada’s refusal to contribute to an IMF fund should an unstable world economy threaten global (including Canadian) economic markets, Geoffrey Simpson wrote in […]

An Afternoon with Deborah Ellis

Lucky me! On Friday I had the enjoyable experience of hearing Deborah Ellis, author of The Breadwinner series set in Taliban Afghanistan and many other books for children and young adults, speak at our librarian’s PD. I took notes so I could share this wonderful opportunity with others, including a few jealous colleagues! Trip to […]