Talk Show – Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett was my favourite talk show host when I was young. Hands down. I read his first book, Cavett, years ago. He slipped out of my sight when I moved into rural mid-western Ontario without the benefit of cable and, therefore, PBS. Then I heard an interview on CBC radio with Mr. Cavett a […]

My Name is Parvana by Deborah Ellis

I was delighted this summer when Groundwood Books offered me an advance copy of Deborah Ellis’s soon-to-be released sequel to the Breadwinner series, My Name is Parvana. Deborah Ellis had spoken at our Librarian’s PD last spring on the day she had just finished her changes and had submitted the book to the publisher. I […]

An Afternoon with Deborah Ellis

Lucky me! On Friday I had the enjoyable experience of hearing Deborah Ellis, author of The Breadwinner series set in Taliban Afghanistan and many other books for children and young adults, speak at our librarian’s PD. I took notes so I could share this wonderful opportunity with others, including a few jealous colleagues! Trip to […]

Memorable Non-Fiction

I recently answered the question, “What are some great non-fiction books  I should read?” on Quora. When I looked for my answer it said it was deleted. I undeleted it, but to ensure a greater chance at permanence (if there is such a thing in the digital world), I decided to reproduce my answer in […]