The Decline of Trump’s America

This brutal, frank analysis of Trump’s performance at the G20 this past week by Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann appeared on my Facebook feed this morning. It is a sad commentary on way the United States is now perceived by the world.

There can be no pleasure in the fall from grace of this mighty nation. I’m a Canadian, yet many branches of my family came to Canada via the US. I have family and friends now living in the US. On election night 2016 I stayed up late with an American friend. When the unexpected, yet all-too-possible results became apparent I had no words of consolation or reassurance for her. I knew that the unfolding next four years were going to be bad; I just didn’t know how extraordinarily bad. Trump has exceeded my expectations.

I resent that too much of my time and energy has been consumed by this man. I try to limit my time reading about his latest news-making bungle or insult. I don’t follow his Twitter account; I see enough of his tweets retweeted by others. I don’t watch Trump’s live broadcast events. Even with those limits I see too much.

I resent the separations that this divisive and polarizing figure has created among family and friends. That many see him as God’s instrument is beyond me. In what way is he Christ-like? How does his life point others to the God of the Bible?

Unlike others, though, I can’t ignore it. There is too much at stake. Liberal democracy is at stake and the life and freedoms, rights and privileges that we take for granted is not guaranteed or a given.

However, to return to the implications of the video that prompted this blog, what of the United States’ position in the world? Who will fill the void? Will the US continue to retrench and isolate itself from the world by continuing to abdicate its leadership role and enact tighter immigration rules? Will Donald Trump be re-elected in 2020? Will another leader in 2020 or 2024 be able to recoup what has been lost? Questions enough to ponder as I watch, wait and pray from Canada.


3 comments on “The Decline of Trump’s America

  1. I’m so thankful to those like yourself who haven’t given up on the U.S. – who know there are millions of us… no doubt a majority… who are as deeply disturbed about the turn of events as you are.

    Even though it’s my country, I, too, need to limit my Trump consumption. but, as you say, to completely ignore it would be ill advised.

    Your questions and concerns are pondered on this side of the border as well. Thank you for your eloquent concerns, caring and support!

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