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All Creatures

It was Animal Planet here this morning. Tommy had words with a black cat and I had to doctor a couple of scratches on the nose. I hope there aren’t any more. With fur it’s hard to tell until a scab forms. It turned out the cat Tommy tangled with was our neighbour’s indoor kitty who found her way out via the second floor window. There is a very aggressive black cat around the corner, so I just assumed it was her.

The neighbour’s cat has jumped out of the window (unharmed!) a couple of times in the last 24 hours. When I heard her calling to Tommy the other day from the window it sounded to me like she was in heat and wanted out neoow! I spoke to my neighbour this morning and it turns out that she isn’t spayed, so my assessment seems quite probable. She was out last night when they came home so there’s a good chance she found what she’s looking for!

Just before all the feline excitement, I spotted a robin’s nest in the tree by my door. I’d noticed a bird flying off yesterday when I opened the door. She doesn’t mind me sitting close to the nest, but no pictures please! I did take one. I don’t know if there are any eggs yet; she still seems to be adding twigs and mud to the nest. All the best to Mrs. Robin and her nest and to Mrs. Kitty as well! Image


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