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Take that Canadian Flag off Your Backpack

Under the Harper government Canada’s international reputation has suffered over the last few years. It has reached a critical point when Canada is being called a villain”  at the Rio Summit. 

Commenting on Canada’s refusal to contribute to an IMF fund should an unstable world economy threaten global (including Canadian) economic markets, Geoffrey Simpson wrote in The Globe and Mail:

Where, except on the Conservative backbench, would one get someone like Pierre Poilievre, MP? He said: “This Prime Minister will not force hard-working Canadian taxpayers to bail out sumptuous euro welfare-state countries and the wealthy bankers that lend to them.” Here is blind ideology blended with profound parochialism of the kind that is giving Canada a well-deserved reputation for being increasingly an outlier, except when it comes to military interventions.     Canada is ‘back’ on the world stage? Hardly

In Canada’s international reputation slipping under Harper, Andy Radia commented:

 At this week’s G20 summit in Mexico, Canada’s delegation — led by Harper and finance minister Jim Flaherty — is but a bit player with little or no influence. …

It seems that Canada has gone from the penthouse to the outhouse when it comes to international reputation and influence.

In Rio it was suggested to CBC reporter, Connie Watson, that she should take the Canadian flag off her backpack and replace it with an American flag. The proud Maple Leaf that once opened hearts and doors is now closing them.

Canadians should hang their heads in shame that they voted in such a government. It does not represent the views of Canadians, nor is it how we want to be portrayed.

Image used under Creative Commons from Spatial Mongrel


One comment on “Take that Canadian Flag off Your Backpack

  1. Thank you for including the reference to Connie Watson and the flag on her backpack. I heard that piece on CBC and am using it to refute my member of parliament who wants us all to proudly display the Canadian flag in our windows for July 1. I don’t feel overly proud of our flag at the moment — or our country — and am writing him a note to say so. I was happy to find verification of what was said to Connie.

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