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Looking Back at Library Day in the Life: Round 6, Part 1

All set up and ready for Play for Literacy in the Library on Day 4 of Library Day in the Life, Round 6

January 24, 2011 marked the beginning of a week when librarians participated in the Library Day in the Life project, posting about the many varied tasks they undertake in a day, using Twitter, blogs, Flickr and YouTube.

It was the second time I participated in this project.  Twitter has been the platform I use to share my day in an elementary school library. Each day has its own rhythm: different classes, different ad hoc tasks, the expected and the unexpected.

A typical week includes classes in for book exchange and computer lab, helping staff find books for classroom use, troubleshooting computer problems, supervising students who come in individually to use the computer, write a test, or looking for a quiet (sometimes) place to do some work, preparing booktalks, processing books and selecting books to for storytime.

This week I started the Ontario Library Association’s Blue Spruce program with the primary students. The first book book was Big Bear Hug. Students are given booklets in which they can respond to the story. They were asked who Bear should hug next. One student said Bear should hug Justin Bieber next and drew Justin yelling, “Help!” as Bear hugged him. Next week I will be introducing the Silver Birch program to the Grade 4 & 5 students.

The library was a place to display the bridges built by Grade 7/8 students during the week. The previous week it was a classroom for part of a day for two classes while a ceiling-mounted data projector was being installed in their rooms. During the lunch hour on Monday the YMCA game club met for the first time in the library. The YMCA hosts a number of programs at our school.

The library also hosted a special event, Play for  Literacy. On Thursday, students enjoyed board/card games and jigsaw puzzles in the library.  As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised that there were no discipline problems and I didn’t hear one student say they’d rather be on the computers. Everyone was relaxed and happy, including the teachers, who joined in the fun.

I enjoyed seeing others document their library days. Marianne Lennox documented her Library Day in the Life with a photo essay.  Justin Hoenke captured his week as a teen librarian in a wonderful blog post. Bobbi Newman, whose brilliant idea started Library Day in the Life, posted Reflecting on Library Day in the Life, Round 6. Her piece includes word clouds and a video from Ned Potter. Incidentally, I was very surprised and pleased to see that I was Number 5 among the top contributors by stats.

Library Day in the Life is an excellent way for librarians to make the public aware of the breadth of skills they use to perform the many varied tasks the profession requires. There are so many facets to the profession that even librarians often are not fully aware of the wide-ranging demands that the title “librarian” encompasses.

I’ll be  participating in Round 8 next year. Round 7 will be held in the summer when I’m on vacation. Whether or not I’m participating, I’ll look forward to reading more tweets, posts, seeing more videos and photo diaries and connecting with more great librarians.


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