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This Book Is Overdue

This afternoon I wrote this brief review for my school-librarian colleagues in our school board.  However, the book should find a wider audience: it is not written by a librarian and it is not just for librarians.

One of my tweeps (not a librarian) brought this book and its NY Times review to my attention.

This Book is Overdue: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All, by Marilyn Johnson, will amuse, inform, challenge and make you more proud of your chosen profession than you could imagine. The book was born of the author’s time as an obituary writer for Life magazine. Her observation that librarians’ obituaries were the most interesting became the starting point for this book.

However, the librarians who inhabit this book (thus far in my reading) are very much alive.  I just finished reading Ch. 5, “Big Brother and the Holdout Company,” an account of the “Connecticut Four.” These unlikely heroes stood firm against the Patriot Act and sued the government to keep their patrons’ records private.

The book would make a great read for the March break. Read and be proud.


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